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Fantastic Initiative is a non-profit company registered as the CSR wing of Fantastic Nepal Holidays. Fantastic Nepal Holidays is a travel management company working in Nepal since 2011.

We were with a group of clients on a trek to Tsum Valley when the first earthquake struck. Fortunately, we were able to evacuate our clients and crew safely. Seeing the devastation that the valley suffered, we were deeply affected and that is how ‘A Fantastic Initiative’ was born.

After raising money and organising  immediate relief we had a choice to continue ourselves or to hand over to a bigger organisation.

We have chosen to work ourselves as we feel that  smaller organisations can be more flexible and can use its resources more efficiently.

Bhupen Shreshtha and Santosh Ranjitkar

Yelena Nikolaeva and Roman Gruzov

Nirmala Lama